Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

I’m a trauma-informed somatic lifestyle coach. Helping people remove their shame around sex and rediscover their power. I live at the intersection of Somatic Practitioner, Intuitive Coach, Emotional Confidant, and Energy Worker. I hold space for you.

What do you specialize in?

Sexual freedom from shame and self acceptance.

What is the interview  process like?

We will email back and forth a bit to understand what you are looking for (intellectually) and you can ask detailed questions about anything.
If we BOTH agree to met then we will find a public coffee house to feel if we vibe together.
If after we meet, we BOTH agree to work together, I will generate a Course of Action (CoA) within 24hrs and you will decide if the CoA is acceptable.
If you agree then we will look at schedules and pick a start date. If you have questions we will resolve them together.

Do you handle out of state/country clients ?

Yes. Lets email about the details.

Do you offer sex?

No that is for you and your partner(s).

What if I don't have trauma to resolve?

We could still somatically work together to expose any shame or exploration you want to experience. The work I do is trauma-informed which means I will we will tread lightly until we know what things mean.

What if I change more than my partner(s) can accommodate?

Congratulations! You have a good problem and uncovered people holding you back from being true to yourself. You can bring them along on your journey unless they are uncomfortable.